Copyright Free Music for YouTube – Is it really necessary?

For starters, as you know YouTube is a video sharing platform. One of the basic principles when designing a video is to put music on. However, with the advent of content ID, many of you are afraid of receiving a copyright strike. Well, a simple but effective way to avoid that is to use Copyright Free Music for YouTube and to respect the license that we bought.

When you buy Copyright Free Music for YouTube it is a wise choice and a legal alternative. Once purchased, you will never have to pay additional charges for using your songs in online videos. In addition you can monetize your videos without worries. A very important thing for YouTuber’s with a large audience who use this process to get paid. It’s also a way to be stress-free and have quality music. It’s complicated enough to design a video: shooting, editing, color grading, etc. Why not free yourself with copyright free music.

Copyright Free Music for videos

Music is an important part of a video, film or tv show. It allows to convey an emotion, to engage spectators as well as driving momemtum. However, there has been a lot of abuse by YouTubers who put any song on their video without asking for the right to put it. This is why royalty free music libraries appeared. They offer a simple but effective alternative without being afraid of receiving “strikes” from YouTube.

Over the years and pressure from the music industry, YouTube has had to find solutions to assure composers that their rights will not be violated. That’s why they invented the YouTube Content ID, which identifies songs in videos. Thanks to this method, the musical creators received the necessary help to obtain monetary compensation.

The YouTube Content ID works like this: the algorithm searches for music in the video and it will automatically place an advertisement on your video that will pay the copyright owner.

Very important thing to know when YouTube sends a strike to a content creator, it comes with several penalties. It can even limit you in downloading your videos. Worse than that, YouTube can even take down your channel. That is why it is better to protect yourself to avoid these problems. In addition, if you receive a strike from a big corporations with takedown notice and strikes, you will be the only one to fight against them, YouTube will not help you!

With a properly purchased license, you will avoid many problems and your video will not be banned.

Royalty Free Music to download

There are several royalty free music libraries where you can consult their directory. Choose your license and then use your music as you see fit. For our part, we suggest that you start your exploration with our Royalty Free Music for YouTube library. You will find music choices of all kinds at a very affordable price.

All Groove Bakery royalty free music is cleared for use on YouTube, Vimeo, and social networks like Facebook. Discover the benefits of royalty-free music for YouTube.

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