DIY Green Screen

DIY Green Screen filmmaking for low-budget

Let’s delve deeper into the magical world of green screen filmmaking and discover how to use it to work on a low-budget film. The term “green screen” or “chroma-key” is self-explanatory, as the technology shows actors against a green or blue background. What you need to create a mind – stunning visual effects is a camera that can record high-quality videos. 

When you watch a green screen video, you may notice green hues on the edges of the subject. Of course, one might ask why the screen is green or blue. Why does the background have to be completely different? A blue screen needs more lighting because it has a lower luminance value. It does not reflect the same amount of light as a red screen. 

Choose the right type of lighting

Again, there are different types to choose from, but it is also important that you choose the right type of lighting for your green screen.

Twitch Kit has everything you need to get started,.

If you don’t feel like painting your walls with chroma key paint, you can also hang a green muslin backdrop like Neewer’s. If you have already fixed a curtain rod, then your green screen is set up in no time. I would recommend buying a cheap set. Look at the other kits as trying to attach the green panels and shells to the wall with tape and clamps is real agony. 

If you have ever tried to use a green screen for a video with a green cloth or green material, you will know that a green color will give you better results when it is time to bring the video to your editing software key. If you already have your video lights and just need a cheap green backdrop stand, then this one from Emart will do the job. 

As you can see, using a green screen is not so easy and requires a lot of space. If you do not want to have any problems with green spills. To do this, you must illuminate it perfectly by casting a shadow. Your subject must be quite far away from it so that it does not reflect any green color. 

Many are designed for beginners and allow you to quickly replace the background. If you are shooting with a green background, make sure that it is not too close to the body parts of your subject. Body parts that don’t have green screens as their background will have others that can’t remove the Chroma buttons in your software. 

Cheap DIY green screen

One of the things I talked about was creating a cheap DIY green screen setup. So today I thought I’d guide you through creating your own in more depth. I looked at which cameras to buy, which video editing software to use, how to make screencasting and video whiteboards, and much more. After a while, I decided to hang a screen in my basement that was meant for filming. 

I used Adobe Premiere to edit the green screen wallpaper. Now it’s up to you to take the shots and add a cool background. Premiere Pro comes with a pretty slick effect called Ultra Key, which lets you do all the chroma. Now that you’ve done all this, you’re ready to edit your green screen video and add cool backdrops.

First of all, I recommend the Cowboy Studio Lighting Kit. It is not very expensive and is good for a small home video studio. There are also various parameters that you can customize to adjust the settings. I positioned the lights further away from the green screen. So I did not get hit or bright colors in the background. 


Many filmmakers are eager to achieve the same effect. It requires much more than a simple green screen and a few lights. Many filmmakers have achieved this, and most of the scenes in comedies that come to life are based on the modest “green screen.” 

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