Free music – Frequently Ask Question

What do I do if I have a copyright claim on Youtube or Facebook?

Youtube & Facebook uses recognition software that scans the music in your video to see if you used copyrighted material. We do not register our tracks in this system so if you have a claim it is whether a “false positive” (the software is wrong) or that someone tries to steal our free music.
Please do the following:

  • Contest the Claim! Do not remove your video. If Facebook warns you may be using copyrighted content, choose to upload your video anyway.
  • When Youtube ask you for a reason check: “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material”
  • In the comments put a link where you have downloaded the track. If you have bought a license attach your license certificate.
  • Contact us with all the details about the claim: track title, composer, name, company, a label that has registered the track. This way we can do something from our side.

Can I make a song or a remix

NO! Our music is for used in multimedia projects such as videos and web applications. For both the fCreative Commons Licence and the Subscription licenses, it is forbidden to make a song, a remix and/or to use our music for music production.

Can I edit, modify or transform the music?

You can adapt the music for your project by editing the length or changing the sound. However you can not make a song, a re-mix or produce your own music with our music.

Do I need to ask you the authorization to use your music?

No, as long as you credit and respect the license
Creative Commons License Attribution-NoDerivs 4.0

Why “NoDerivs” license?

The no derivative “NoDerivs” mention to the creative commons license is to keep people from making their own music with ours (adding lyrics, remix,…). This mention does not apply for using the music in videos and multimedia projects.

Can I monetize my videos with free music?


How can I pay?

We accept only payments by Paypal.