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GoPro Hero 9 Black Review: Best Gopro ever made?

So you can kind of make up your own decision. Also, next up is the price, and this is not part of the 19 things. This comes in at 449$, which is more than in the past, but there’s, a catch technically, a good catch.

If you have Gopro Plus now, just subscribe to Gopro their monthly service, you get 100$ off the hero 9 black, so it makes it basically 350$. So that’s, definitely less than in the past.

New Screen on the Front

First, in terms of new features, is the new screen on the front. Now, this is the front-facing screen very similar to what we saw with the DJI Osmo action. This allows you to hold out the GoPro and see yourself in the exact image on the front screen. As well as the back screen.

Concurrently there are two modes here. There’s one, that zooms in a bit and fills up the screen but crops out the edges. And then there’s one that shows the entire picture on this little small square screen.

So you got some black bars on the top. My personal favorite is the one that shows the whole picture, so I can see what I’m doing framing wise. This is awesome. I know people talk about vloggers and things like that, but I think a lot of us take selfies with our Gopros all the time. This ensures that I’m, not like cutting off things and got the best part of the picture.

In the shot, now, one limitation that I’ve had with this front screen is that the frames per second, in other words, how smooth it looks! It’s pretty limited! It doesn’t affect the recording rate, but when I get in 5K mode, 4k mode, etc. It’s, just really slows looking, so it’s like three frames per second five frames GoPro says. I think that’s, a bit optimistic at lower resolutions like 1080p, no problems at all and it do not impact the recording. It’s, just what you see on the little screen itself.

Gopro Hero 9 have now 5K 30

Now, you’ve got up to 5k 30 in different modes as well, so you can do it in wide or linear. Linear is when you get rid of that gopro view.

Look to it and the stabilization is still there as well. So you can go all the way up to hyper smooth boost mode, which is the highest possible stabilization GoPro has, and it looks pretty silky smooth.

You may be asking: why do you need 5k? The answer is you probably don’t, but it’s handy for cropping in. So if you have something a little bit too wide, you can crop In and you get quite a bit more pixels, it’s, pretty substantial.

It’s, not just like a single digit. Four to five. It’s a multiplier. When you go from 4k to 5k, you can pull 14.7-megapixel stills from the 5k footage. The still, and then heroes are still both from 5k footage without even having to take straight Photos. If you do want to take photos, then Gopro hero 9 has a new 23.6-megapixel photo mode.Which is way more than it used to be in the past, substantially more and it’s, definitely noticeable. Super photo mode which is kind of all like an hdr sort of effect, but a little bit better executed.

30% Longer Battery Life

Next on the list is 30 longer battery life. Now it’s 30 averaged across all the different modes. So some modes have better battery life. Some modes have a little bit, maybe worse battery life. Now, of course, that battery does weigh a lot more there’s, also a new battery as well. So the hero 9 battery is a new chunkier beefier battery, which is a lot like the hero9 in general. It’s heavier and with that came with that heavier battery speaking of weights and stuff.

Removable Lens

So the next item on the list is the removable lens. If you remember from the hero a black, a lot of people hated, the fact that you couldn’t remove the lens. Now you can!

It has a lock system that locks in there as it goes around twice essentially, and that has some interesting implications, not only for me dropping on the ground but also for third-party lenses.

So the ability for you to swap out lenses, if you wanted to more than just simply like an nd filter of sorts and, of course, the obvious as well. If you scratch it, you can now replace it. Every other camera up until the hero 8 had that. So it’s, really going back pre-hero 8 to get back to the removal lenses that people enjoy.

Rear Screen Size

Next is a minor one, which is that the rear screen has been increased in size by 16 percent. It’s definitely way easier to read than the hero 8 .

Hyper Smooth 3.0

The new hyper smooth 3.0, which is essentially taking the hyper smooth 2.0, and just adding a little more flexibility too, and it comes in two ways.

The first way is the resolutions and frame rates and supports. It goes all the way up to 5k 30 and it supports all the versions. So you can do boost in everything in the past. There were some limitations, though GoPro got rid of a lot of those in the last firmware update for the hero8, now boost everything which is great, whether it’s the wide or linear or super view.

The hero 9 is without question. The smoothest of the cameras in every possible scenario that i’ve thrown at it from pretty gnarly mountain bike trails to just driving.

You know everything across the board. It’s, the smoothest and with that comes the next new feature which is horizon leveling. Now you may be saying: hey wasn’t horizon leveling around the past. It was in the app. What horizon leveling does it makes it so that if you mount your camera slightly off tilt, it’ll, go ahead and automatically keep the horizon level. You can enable it in any of the linear modes. It basically does a great job of keeping the horizon level as it says. You may not want this for all scenarios. There are cases where you want to show that movement of the horizon, so you show the movement of the action that’s in front of you, but when you want it, it’s great. It’s great for those scenarios where you do want to ensure that the camera is level and this acts as a little bit of backstop in case. Perhaps you can’t, get them out in the right spot, or maybe just you simply forgot to mount it level.

Time Wrap 3.0

Next is the new time warp 3.0. Now, a time warp was basically a time-lapse where you’re going somewhere, and the footage is all stabilized and smoothed across at all, as opposed to time-lapse. It’s, just a collection of photos.

In the past time, warp has been great, but it’s had one limitation. If you wanted to stop and go back to real time where you could talk to the camera and record audio and interact with all that kind of stuff, you had to stop it and change modes and then go in the new mode and start.

Next is the feature that GoPro started rolling out to the hero 8 black just a couple of weeks ago. They haven’t quite finished yet and haven’t brought it out of beta into production for all platforms, so it’s.

Webcam Mode

New here, which is webcam mode now. This allows you to take your GoPro and plug it into your computer and use it as a webcam and apps like skype, zoom, or teams, or you name it obs, whatever it’s available for both pc and mac. It’s been super useful for me, I’ve been using a lot because the quality on this is usually way better than most webcams, and I just like the wide perspective. It gives more perspective of the room. On the new webcam, functionality is new and expanded live stream functionality. In the past, you could basically just live stream to youtube and Facebook, and that was kind of it. Now you can live stream to twitch, as well as GoPro’s own platform, which they say has the highest quality live streaming resolution experience out there in terms of bit rates, and things like that.

I haven’t had a chance yet to try that maybe i’ll, give it a whirl, but you can go ahead now and add twitch to that natively straight from the camera, which is pretty handy. In addition to that, facebook pages are also supported, as opposed to just user profiles.

3 Power Tools

1. Hindsight

From the past, next are three new features under the power tools banner, which essentially graduated from the GoPro labs. The first is hindsight: what hindsight allows you to do is to have your camera always recording. Now it’s, not recording forever it’s, just recording either a 15 or a 30-second buffer. So that way, you can have it recorded in the 15 to 30-second buffer, but it’s, not until you press that start button that it grabs last 15 to 30 seconds.

This way, if you’re doing something that’s, super repetitive. Where you just want that one shot and you don’t want, like 50 attempts of you failing. Then, once you get that one shot, you just press the Record button saves the last 30 seconds and everything from that point forward until you stop it, it’s super useful again for scenarios where you’re, not really sure.

If the action is going to happen right then, and you don’t want to waste a bunch of time now. One caveat to that is kept in mind. It does burn your battery life at the same rate as recording mode. So you’re, not burning storage, but you are burning your battery life at the same rate if you were actually just recording now. The next power tool is scheduled to capture.

2. Gopro Hero 9 Scheduled Capture

What that allows you to do is to go ahead and tell the gopro when to turn itself on and capture something you can choose any mode. You want, whether it be a photo or a time lapse or regular, video mode.

That’s handy, primarily for things like sunrise capture or other places. Where you want to put the camera somewhere and then have it turn itself on sometime in the next 24 hours.

3. Duration Capture

This allows you to tell it for how long it should record before it stops, where you want to start the recording, but don’t necessarily want to record like forever and ever and ever. In that case, it may be more applicable to have a USB battery pack attached to it, which you can do you can just plug it in the side, USB c and you’re good to go.

Next is one of the new gopro mods. Now mods came out last year. Well, they were announced last year, then they were delayed and they’ve been delayed and delayed and still delayed actually, but there’s, a new one to eventually delay, which is the max lens mod.

Max Lens Mode

Essentially, this allows you to take off this front display and put a super wide-angle lens on it. They takes some of the functionality from the GoPro max camera in terms of having a much wider lens. They can crop in and do a bit more on the horizon, leveling itself. There, something called horizon lock where you can turn the camera 360 degrees around and it’ll actually be able to lock that. So it looks to level the entire time now that mod isn’t available.

Gopro Hero 9 Travel Case

Finally, last but not least on the list is the fact that the GoPro Hero 9 comes in its own case. Not like an exterior case, but actually like a traveling case as part of the packaging. They’ve tried to get rid of all the plastic on the packaging and there’s almost nothing in there plastic. Except for some tiny little bag to keep the parts separated. So pretty impressive there and they wanted to make it usable.

Now you get this kind of carrying case that you can use to put all your GoPro stuff in there. If you like that awesome, if not, you can gift it to a friend or something like that. Okay, so there you go a complete look at the GoPro Hero 9 black. There’s, no question this is the best GoPro has ever made, though you would expect that as they get better.

Of course, I also think it’s pretty much the best action camera out there, and the thing is that what GoPro has nailed here is the incremental updates each year. Also, undone the things that really ticked off people last year, like the unremovable front lens cover there.

So it’s, nice to see the kind of backtrack. Some things that didn’t really work out. Now, of course, the closest I think we got last year was the DJI Osmo action in terms of a GoPro competitor. They got pretty close to their functionality and really prodded GoPro to introduce this front screen that DJI had introduced. There are just so many more features in this and useful features, not just like throwaway features but useful things that once you use them, it’s kind of hard to un-use them.

So I’m pretty impressed! Now, go and take a listen to our royalty free music!

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