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Where can I find music that is free to download

Royalty Free Music - Groove Bakery

Every Video Creator Should Know where to find free music!

You search for music that is free to download for your video because you do not have enough money to buy royalty free music? You’ve come to the right place, because here at we offer free music.

It can be difficult to find music that is free to download when working on a video that we want to upload online and our budget is 0$. Several options are available to you but few offer it for free. Here we offer a free solution with all rights for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. A simple, fast and efficient solution.

How does it work to find?

1st Step

When you arrive at the Groove Bakery site, there is a pop-up window that pops up and you just have to register directly. Otherwise, click on the Sign in / Register button at the top right. It will take you to a new page where you can register.

Tutorial - Groove Bakery

2nd Step

After you register, now is the time to choose your song. Click on the royalty free music button, which will take you to the library. Then choose a song you like using the filters on your left. Click on the Choose a license button. You will be redirected to the song page.

3rd Step

Once on the page of the song, it remains only to choose your license. Click on the Choose a license button again and select ** Free Download ** and the song will download automatically.

Tutorial - Groove Bakery

As you can see, there are 2 other licenses: STANDARD or EXTENDED. They are for those who need better quality or just a license for TV or movies.

In conclusion, you have just found a site that gives you the opportunity to create without leaving all your money. It’s important to understand that music is free but the price is that you have to credit groovebakery. The songs are protected under Creative Commons license 4.0 so if you do not mention how you took it at Groove Bakery you will break the site’s rules. Creative commons music 4.0